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Setting Your Day Up For Success

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

My Six Step Morning Routine

Confession, I am not a morning person. I think it’s important to put that out here right up front. I don’t want you to read this post and think that it sounds well and good for someone else but “I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning last night binge watching Netflix, or hanging out with friends, or reading the newest Jodi Picoult book…”

I’ve been working on this routine for about a year and I’m not going to lie, I still try to bargain with myself on how to shorten it and allow a few extra minutes in my bed when setting my alarm each night. But, on the days I make myself stick to it I am more motivated, get more accomplished, and am in a much better mood. My next goal is to start getting up at the same time every day but life’s all about setting yourself up for success and my night owl tendencies aren’t quite there yet. ;)


  • Wake up an hour early (Two if I can fit my workout in in the morning.)

My getting ready routine varies. Have you seen that meme that says something like, I am either in yoga pants and a messy bun or look like I’m ready to walk the red carpet? That’s basically me. I’ve been known to forget the last time I washed my hair and I go makeup free most days. But when I actually have to look presentable, watch the heck out. Sometimes I need 2 hours to get ready, sometimes I only need 15 minutes. Whatever time I need I add an hour to it and that’s what my alarm is set for.

  • Blast off, my new snooze button.

I read somewhere about a woman who treats any task she’s not looking forward to as a rocket launch. She counts down from five and then… BLAST OFF. This is the only snooze action I allow myself anymore.

  • Let the dogs out, feed them, and give Cash (our epileptic pup) his meds.

Maybe you don’t have dogs. 1. What’s wrong with you? Go get a dog immediately. Just kidding…kinda. 2. Replace this step with something else that requires you to physically get out of bed. My dogs need me, if they don’t get let out they will be hungry, may have an accident, and worst Cash could have a seizure. Taking care of them gets me out of bed and once I’m up walking around the odds are much less likely that I’m going to get back in bed.

  • Bible, Meditation, Journaling, Spanish, & Relationship.

I keep my phone on do not disturb until I’m ready in the morning. It eliminates distractions and gives me a reward. If I’m ready a few minutes early I get to use that time for social media. However, I’m a big fan of apps for self improvement and they’re a big part of my morning. I make my way to my favorite spot with coffee, my phone, and my journal. Right now it’s the blue velvet loveseat in our piano room. It has the perfect view of our old school animatronic Santa and Christmas tree.

  • Workout.

This can’t always happen for me in the morning but nothing makes me feel more like I’ve slayed the day than getting this in first thing. If you can’t do it in the morning be sure to schedule it into your day ahead of time, put it on your calendar, and stick to it. Exercise is as important to our brains as it is to our bodies.

  • Get dressed, even if it’s a yoga pant day.

Do not spend your day in the same clothes you slept in. It’s seems small but it’s psychological and makes a big difference.


What does your routine look like? I’d love to hear about it and how you set your day up for success. I’ve shared a few of my favorite apps and tools in the comments.



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Dec 31, 2018

Apps I can't live without: YouVersion for my Bible time, The Insight Timer for Meditation, Duolingo for learning Spanish, Lasting for Relationship work, and Sleep Cycle for my alarm. I also use Rachel Hollis's Start Today Journal EVERY MORNING. If you don't have her journal she did a podcast explaining the process. It can be done in any notebook. It's a definite game changer.

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