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Alia Lee Family Pic

Meet Alia

Hi and Welcome!

I’m Alia and I live in (and love) the midwest. My hubby, Albert/Babe, and I are recent empty nesters trying to figure out what the next chapter of life looks like. I recently transitioned my full service event production business to focus on corporate and non-profit events. This has been an adjustment but allows me to travel with Babe who's day job is storm chasing. (That's an exciting way to say he fixes hail damage on cars for a living.)

Our two young adult sons are chasing their dreams in the film and music industries. We have two pups, chickens, and often an extra foster dog. When not on the road we’re remodeling our 1950’s home, just trying to stay busy so I’m not the mom calling their kiddos every 15 minutes ;) (You have no idea how many times a day I tell myself, “Just put down the phone, Alia”).

I hope this blog will be a safe and fun place for us to learn from each other. I’m passionate about service to our community (local and global), mental health awareness, and the arts. I love to entertain, travel, and am always down for a good happy hour.

Please feel free to email me, , with ideas you’d like to see on the blog.



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